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Undiscerning pretence was fatal – Lear desperately wanted to say this. He wanted to stand up and sneer vigorously, but he remained quiet because he was dumbfounded!


If he had wanted to surrender, he should not have pretended to be self-righteous. Heracles was indeed the best in Atlantis. With the terrifying power of the Rune Energy Shield, he did not care about the opponent’s attack, which was what was truly terrifying. This had also been verified during the battles of the titans.


Yan Xiaosu made a prompt decision, splitting them up into three groups. Laurel would stay to continue the proceedings. He had no time to play hide and seek with Tarwo’s vague attitude. He had received the news that Margate Interstellar Airline had sent two elite negotiating teams to Maklou and Titatitan.


Kashawen was also conflicted. On one hand, this person’s tenacity was unimaginable, reaching to where he was right now from being a commoner who had nothing, implying that he would be a bit hard to dispel. On the other hand, she felt that Anna’s insight was passable. She had finally picked someone who was not useless. The other’s innocence was also beyond imagination. It was just that up to this point, she also wanted to see how far this little fella called Wang Zheng could actually go. As for that small HU issue, she could not be bothered in the slightest.


In the battlefield, the battle between the two mecha was in full swing. She knew that Aina was watching as well. She still had confidence in the intelligence department. The quarter-finals of the SIG was not very ideal for Saruman Snake. It was finishing soon. Kashawen felt a hint of regret. But on the other hand, this was enough. So long as Wang Zheng behaved a little in the future, she could not be bothered with a small fry like him.


A professional, accompanied by a sensual Si Jiali, a perfect match of good looks added more liveliness to the SIG. In addition, while conducting SIG interviews, Si Jiali came fully prepared with all the information of all the teams. The chairman of the Aslan Royal College student council was also very good.

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“Luo Fei, if I were you, I would withdraw from the team of my own accord. You stick to Lear, and it does no good to you or him. And you’re occupying the scout position. Do you think that’s appropriate in the subsequent battles?” Anluda suddenly changed tack. “You and Lear both come from Earth, which is your hometown. He is definitely hesitant to ask you to leave. But can’t you be a bit more aware? Must you always clutch on to him so pathetically?”


For example, Lie Xin. She would have a telltale sign whenever she switched from an attack using her hands to her legs her centre of gravity would shift greatly. Even though these habits might be minor, if their opponents get a grasp on them, it would be critical in a fight, especially fights of this level.


She didnt want Her Highness to be at such a sensitive place at such a sensitive time, but she could understand that Aina was at her wits end after holding out for the past two days. Aina couldnt even sleep.


Ander Lucia had been increasing the strength of his strikes with each additional strike. If he had not been worried about killing his opponent, the match would have long ended. The Atlanteans did not want to cause any harm to mankind when battling with them.


The blade’s black aura appeared wavy, giving out an extremely dangerous sensation. This characteristic was rare, and was not something that the regular five elements could defend against.


Meng Tian found Shen Liangs belongings. He was such a huge person, and all that was left was his military badge.


A trace of a smile appeared on Achilles face. His vision was getting blurry. He did not know when Wang Zheng had exerted such influence on him that he would try such stupid stuff. He did not know when he started considering himself a member of Saruman Snake. He also did not know when he wanted to take on some responsibilities.



Winning three-nil, totally crushing Maya’s Child of Light battle team. The entire arena was filled with loud claps and cheers. At the same time, these cheers spread throughout Aslan. Everyone was screaming. This was undoubtedly a carnival for the Aslan people.



The two commentators from the Versailles Empire College commented hopelessly. It seemed that this was not a fierce battle after all.


I think Senior Lin Feng will give it his all. The Dynasty battle team is a strong team, I hope they will be able to fight a high level battle, and lets cheer for them.


His Ability X was indeed formidable. It could fearlessly “eat”, but such vital energy and mental strength could not be easily digested. It would be easy if the victim were an average level warrior, but warriors like Mars were an entirely different concept. Whether it was the vital energy from the Heavenly Overlord Attack or Mars’ mental strength, they were unique. Even if they were removed from the original body, they would not change forms. Both of them were originally of the same rank, so Luo Fei would not be able to consume it. It was like doing a blood transfusion using blood of a different type. There would not be any immediate reaction upon entering within Luo Fei’s body, but once it had been fermented for a period of time, it would erupt thoroughly.

  • Of course, Snow Li was also aware of this. Hence, the Ice Bird kept retreating, making use of the sniper to block off the opponent’s pursuits. But it paled in comparison.
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